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Fish Care Tips

Published: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 14:38:06
By: Michael Oleksak

Tips to keep your fish healthier!

pH is the measure of Hydrogen ions present in the an aquatic system.  It can also be classified as a measure of acidity or basicity of water, with 7.0 being neutral.  pH will increase with plant populations and decrease with excessive organic matter and animal population.  Low pH water can harm fish gills, high pH water can harm fins and gills and contribute to algal growth.  Low or high pH can also kill our bacteria.  Pond pH generally follows a daily cycle of being the lowest just before dawn and highest in the afternoon due to photosynthesis and aquatic life respiration.  Keep in mind that most ornamental fish (Koi and Goldfish) can adjust to pH within 1 to 2 pints of neutral (7.0), but it is very important to make pH changes gradually if fish are present.  See one of our dealers to buy products that will raise or lower your pH.  Our dealers are listed on this site.
Avoid using copper based chemicals in your pond.  They can reduce the oxygen in the water, which can kill the fish, as well as contribute to problems with their gills.  Copper also harms our bacteria.
Even low levels of chlorine can be extremely toxic to you fish.  Be certain the water that your put in your pond is free of chlorine.  If you cannot avoid this, again see one of our dealers for a Dechlorinator.  Chlorine also kills our microbes.
Aeration, top to bottom, is very important to any pond and contributes to the better health of your fish. 
Spray your fish food with our APB-ds.  Over time, you will see a beneficial difference in your fish.
Test your water regularly for pH, ammonia, nitrite and buffering levels.  Don't forget, waste creates ammonia and other toxins, which will harm your fish.
Maintenance dosages of all products should be used on a consistent basis.

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