Aquatic Water Treatment Lowers ammonia, nitrites, quickly seeds biofilters

Aquatic Water Treatment (Formerlyy called AWT-1)

Rapidly seeds pond and aquarium bio-filters. Also, quickly reduces dangerous ammonia and nitrite levels. Usually works within 48 to 72 hours!

Used extensively by SeaWorld! Always keep AWT refrigerated! We produce special blends specifically for salt and fresh water. AWT is produced when ordered to insure the greatest bacterial viability and longest shelf life. The usual shelf life when refrigerated is three to six months.

AWT is a blend of Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, and Nitrospira bacteria. The way it works is:

Ammonia is converted to Nitrite by Nitrosomonas species. Nitrite is converted to Nitrate by Nitrobacter/Nitrospira species. After the tank or pond has cycled, pristine water quality can be maintained with periodic treatments using our Organic Digester.

Please see the following from our customer in New Jersey - Mr. Steve Gomulka: Thought I would give you an update on our quarantine tank. First off, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. The ammonia and nitrites both tested at 0 ppm on the day before Thanksgiving and have remained there since. I will admit I was a little skeptical, but the AWT is a remarkable product. I believe it took about two weeks for the tank to cycle. Last year it took about 7, maybe 8 weeks. Fish seem pretty healthy and the one with the fin rot looks good. Went thru 2 series of baytril injections which worked well. Once again, thanks for all your help and all the info. Really great line of products. You got yourself a new customer

1 quart treats approximately 2500 gallons (9463 liters). If counts are still high after 24 hours, add as required to reduce to desired level. If starting a pond, double this dosage - 64 oz (2 quarts - 1892 ml) per 2500 gallons.

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Aquatic Water Treatment

Lowers ammonia, nitrites, quickly seeds biofilters