Aquatic Food Supplement Fish food supplment, yogurt for fish, improves fish digestion

A Unique Natural Fish Food Dietary Supplement

Aquatic Food Supplement (Formerly called APB-DS) contains natural beneficial bacteria which enhances digestion for a more healthy and vibrant fish. It increases food utilization and supports a healthy immune function.

AFS works to assist food digestion, similar to eating yogurt for a human. It can be sprayed onto any fish food. The fish actually come to prefer the food once the AFS is sprayed on it. AFS acts like a vitamin for fish. Some fish, over a few months period, have actually had growth increases after continually digesting the food misted with the AFS. Over time, AFS usually lowers food intake and the resultant waste. Your fish will know the difference between food treated with and without the AFS.

Please see the following letters sent from Koi Village in Tennessee and his clients:

Dear Jeff,
"I've been using the AFS for about 10 months. I mist the food and dust with Koi Clay. I have seen good growth and low waste. The feces is more solid and darker in color. I have had reports from a couple clients that have been testing it that tell me the same thing."

Hello Jeff,

Here is the latest report I have on the AFS"The probiotic spray seems to really be making a difference. I've stayed with my usual food and increased feedings per day and have seen some great growth on my smaller koi. In the past if I increased feedings, it gave my water quality fits and I had to do more water changes. Not so using this. Seems to decrease the load. Good body confirmation on the larger koi also. I'm impressed so far. What I didn't expect is that the colors seem sharper."

BTW, One thing I have to report re using the probiotic. I'VE CUT BACK
ON THE AMOUNT OF FOOD I OFFER!! I've feed the same amount of food per inch
of fish for a long time but they were getting a bit pudgy, so I cut back. First
time ever I've had to do that. I have to think it's the efficiency of this
product and the ability of the fish to use (digest) more of the food. Also I'm
offering food with this only every other day now. Still seems to have a good result in water quality and nice looking fish poop too!! Just wanted to update you.

Dosage: Lightly mist any fish food with the AFS before each feeding.

Please contact us for the MSDS sheet.

Shelf life is one year.

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Aquatic Food Supplement

Fish food supplment, yogurt for fish, improves fish digestion