About Strata Water Garden Products

Organic Digester and the other STRATA Products are part of a stellar line of Water Garden Treatments.

The STRATA System (liquid or powder) consists of naturally occurring, non- genetically engineered, non-pathogenic, Bio-Safety Level 1, microbes in a biodegradable natural medium. When applied to the problem area, the System will dominate the involved environment with its’ high number of Colony Forming Units (CFU) (1 billion CFU/ ml.). The System will degrade the problematic waste into harmless by-products. In doing so, the System will also eliminate the anaerobic bacteria, E Coli, Salmonella and Shigella, which are the elements causing the odor and disease in this environment.

Our Powder System is unique in today's bio-remediation marketplace. The quick acting process of easily coming back to life once mixed with water, ensures that the System will keep on working long after most products have failed. With a simple maintenance dosage of the product in direct ratio to newly added waste, the System controls the odors long term and degrades and reduces the waste itself.

Our Liquid System consists of a very concentrated and potent blend of microbes specifically blended for the particular environmental challenge. Although it has a shorter shelf life than our powder (one year to three years respectively) because it is already alive, it reacts quicker in remediating the environmental waste. Being already alive, the microbes immediately begin to degrade the waste, reproduce and quickly increase the number of CFU’s. This aids in speeding the process further. Organic Digester is also specifically designed to complete the nitrification cycle. It's bacterial strains will safely convert ammonia to nitrate and then to nitrogen gas. This is unique in that the nitrates are not left in the pond which creates a better aquatic environment.

Our PureOx is a unique organic certified blend that not only quickly kills growth in and around the water, but also adds oxygen as well. Spurs the OD aerobic bacteria to work as much as 70% faster.

Most of the problems with odor and pollution facing us today are two-fold. First, the natural microbes in the environment have been overwhelmed by the amount of organic and chemical waste entering the area. These natural, friendly microbes, cannot keep up with the sheer volume of newly introduced waste and in many instances are eliminated by the use of harmful chemicals such as chlorine and copper.

The second problem is the fact that all waste needs oxygen to decompose and digest. This is known as the B.O.D., or Biological Oxygen Demand. If there is sufficient dissolved oxygen present the waste is degraded and the friendly bacteria are nourished and multiply. If there is not enough dissolved oxygen present, the waste putrefies and the lack of oxygen creates an anaerobic zone (bacteria that thrive in an oxygen-free environment). These anaerobic bacteria not only liberate hydrogen sulfide gas and methane (the cause of odor); they are also the cause of some of the diseases confronting us today. For example, the anaerobe E. Coli is responsible for cholera, hepatitis and typhoid.

The STRATA System addresses both of these problems by degrading and digesting the mass in the waste system, thereby freeing the dissolved oxygen and lowering the B.O.D. The System also creates oxygen in an elemental form, which lays down a blanket of Oxygen over these anaerobic zones; dominating the environment and eliminating the anaerobic bacteria with the presence of created and freed oxygen.

Our liquid or powder System is effective, easy to store and use, as well as safe. The System poses little threat to plant, animal, fish or human life. The products should always be stored in a moderately cool setting, out of direct sunlight.

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