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Bacteria Maintenance
The importance of maintaining your bacteria colony.

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Underwater Aeration
Underwater aeration is essential in creating a beautiful pond. While a waterfall and-or fountain certainly helps and is aesthetically pleasing, underwater aeration will keep your water much clearer. Oxygen at the bottom will create an environment where the bacteria becomes aerobic instead of anaerobic.

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Why Use Bacteria
Bacteria are the key ingredient in any biological filter.

General News
Organic Digester - Natural Bacterial Enzyme Pond Treatment

Keep the "GREEN" where it belongs -
in your pocket, and not your pond

The performance is outstanding, the savings.. incredible. (See the cost comparison chart ) It also does not stink!!

There are many myths regarding the benefits of bacterial treatments. Organic Digester natural pond treatment is extremely powerful, that is all that needs to be said! Organic Digester is composed of both multiple bacteria as well as enzymes!! It is so strong, that it can save you up to 10 times the cost.

Organic Digester natural pond treatment has been used by such notables as Universal Studios in California, 20th Century Fox Studios, SeaWorld, Hollywood Forever, University of Pennsylvania, Central Park, NY Conservatory, The Los Angeles Arboretum, Long Beach, CA Botanical Gardens, and the Disney Resort in Hawaii. Organic Digester also has become a popular product in the United Kingdom (called Filter Start) as well as Belgium (called Super Balance).

The reformulated "blue stuff" is the fastest working natural treatment! It will quickly reduce ammonia and bind-up any phosphate. Two problems every pond can have!! In addition, it breaks down ammonia to nitrites and then nitrates. So, it slowly eliminates ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Nitrites are very dangerous for fish and nitrates are used as a food source for unsightly growth in the water.

Organic Digester natural pond treatment will also reduce bottom sludge and seed your bio-filter! Note the new odor, in the liquid, emulates from the increased strains of bacteria.

Organic Digester also works quickly to reduce odor and sludge in ponds and tanks containing those lovable, but mess-making Turtles! Also acts quickly in Pondless Waterfalls, Birdbaths, as well as Fountains! In addition, Organic Digester has been very impressive in Aquaponics treatments!!

Try it and see the results! Compare it against the competition. Organic Digester is the "ALL in one" pond treatment product!

Out Now - Organic Digester Cool, for wintertime! Also now added to our product line are Aeration Systems, Dechlor Granules and Pond Water Dyes. Ask us for details!!

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